Open Share Groups

About Open Share Groups

At CR First NLR, we know all too well that our hurts, habits, and hang-ups are very different. One of the reasons Celebrate Recovery is so effective is that we offer issue-specific Open Share Groups where you can find other people just like you who have similar life-issues. You are able to hear stories of victory, and as a result you find hope that you too can overcome. That’s how CR works. You are able to learn from those who have travelled a very similar journey, and are now able to maneuver around the stumbling block rather than right into it.


Groups Offered

We have issue-specific and gender-specific Open Share Groups. Because recovery is not a “one size fits all” journey, we have many options for you so you can find a group that will fit your needs. This will be a safe place where you can learn and grow with people you can relate to. Below is a list of the support groups available on Tuesday nights. Open Share Groups meet at 7:45, throughout the building at First NLR.

CR First Look (Newcomer’s to Celebrate Recovery)

If you are new to Celebrate Recovery, you probably have questions and want to know which small group to attend. Or maybe you just need to get connected. We have a special group just for you where you can get connected and have any and all of your questions answered. We are excited that you are here!! Join us immediately after Large Group in the Guest Center, located in the main lobby across from the Resource Table.


Chemical Dependency – Rm. 104 & Rm. 105
Codependency – Reality Cafe
Sexual Addiction – Rm. 102
Welcome Home (Veteran’s Support) – Rm. 103
Mental Health – Rm. 106


Chemical Dependency – Rm. 214 & Rm. 215
Codependency – Rm. 202
Sex & Relationship Addiction – Rm. 212
Abuse – Rm. 211
Anxiety & Depression – Rm. 206
A to Z – Rm. 210